Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 1 + OOTD

After 4 MONTHS of being stuck and no money FINALLY I have been accepted! well not yet officially but still a trainee for a week till they officially hire me. if im a good girl. One of the reason why i agreed in such institution AND i know its not totally in line with my profession but THE KIDS!!! cant say no to cute little Preschools! That time i have no idea and dont care how much will i get or earn from them all that matters to me ill earn something. My first day was a bit nerve racking, tiring at the end of the day but i had time playing with the preschoolers which made my day wonderful!

here's a glimpse of my office work area..

The Accounting office where i spend most of my day working.

My Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

quite simple i know.. CAUSE ITS MY FIRST DAY! duh!? dont want people thinking im a diva in my first day! looks like my everyday look huh? they want slax and a sleeved top, thats when my fave black cardigan comes in handy! aha

Bought a red striped bag. both a sling and a shoulder bag AND ITS HUGE!! my kind of bag.

after a long day of hard work....