Saturday, May 28, 2011

Polish Me Nails: ELF

Its already 1am still not sleeping cause of my Insomia's kicking in and i just gotta blog.
Its been like this since i dont know.

Anyway i have painted my nails,at last! cause i have been lazy re applying my polish over and over because I get my nails chipped easily so decided not to put polish for few days instead anywho.. I decided to apply my new ELF polish in Innocent which is this...

What I love about it:
1. Pigmentation is great. its sheer at first but its buildable. This is 2 coats by the way.
2. I love the nudy pink tone it has. Very simple, clean and quite elegant looking. 
3. It dries up pretty quick.
4. This stayed on longer than i thought. Pretty much 5days. So not bad for a cheap american brand nail polish.
What I hate about it:
1.  Its Brush! its awful! If you can see in the picture it still has some streaks and left parts that didnt coated well enough to make everything equal. Its annoying! I dont like the brush.

Price: P125 
I'am ratings this: 
That conclude's my very brief vlog, still hope it helps though.
Thanks for visiting!

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