Sunday, November 14, 2010


At first i didnt know that Kenneth Cole has a perfume line! When i hear Kenneth Cole, watches and clothing line are his forte. Until i saw a black box at my mom's vanity. I thought it was my dad's because its a black perfume box i automatically assume its for men but why is it on my mom's table, right?

So i checked on the label and saw "For Her". Immediately opened it to try it on and i had a hard time opening the bottle cause there was this white string below the lid. you can see at the picture below. I didnt know if i have to ripped that out of the bottle
cause it took me awhile to remove the lid but it did open without removing the white string so yey! for that.

It smelled like for my mom's age. seriously!
first impression i think its recommended for mature age's. I wasn't into perfume, before a cologne is enough for me and im good to go but when i tried wearing this at work i got a lot of compliments and started to fell inlove with Kenneth C. A definitely not for everyone as it is a very dark and strong scent.

I checked out some reviews about it and i wasnt surprised by the number of good feedbacks it has. i had the same experience as the others had from it and agree most of their reviews about it. Listed as one of my fave's!
Oh thank you to my Singaporean cousins who sent this to my mom.