Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cheap Thrills for Gorgeous Me

At the office my boss which is ate pechay discussed some rules and need to knows about everything in the office. Part of the discussion was uniform and she mentioned my flatsis cause they require staff in the office to wear a closed heeled shosie but i dont have one so after work i went to rizza's where everything is so cheap and found a perfect pair for me.

There Bangkok authentic. Why do i know? My mom is bangkok junky and she knows the owner of the store. When we say "bangkok authentic" its cheap yet smashingly good design but quality....hmmmm.. still gonna test that part first. And it only cost a whooping!! P330 only!

I like this pair cause i can wear it to work and at the same time i can use them for parties and etc. And there very sexy too! I read somewhere about black pumps that its a basic heels that every girl should own cause you can wear them mostly with anything and i agree so yey!

At first i was planning to call it " Hooker Heels " But i thought it wasnt appropriate cause its for work instead i called it "Working Pumps! " aha

And what i love about these is the red base. I dunno why but i feel good about that.

And they gave me free ...............??? i dont know what to call it but i know its for the tip of the heels if they get lost or broken you can replace them with these babies.

Since i was there i bought a wallet cause my old wallet doesnt have a coin purse so i have to look for a seperate purse for it and i dont like especially when you need coins you still have to look down for your other purse just to get coins. Solution for that! buy new wallet with a coin purse in it! ahaha

P 150

Atlast! A mini coin purse!

Problem Solved!