Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheap Thrills for Gorgeous Me: Chandeliers to die for!

I got them last last week and finally have the time to blog one of my cheap discoveries that looks so glamorous. I have been loving GIGANTIC chandelier earrings now a days especially holidays are coming in, perfect time to wear them!:) I just got 3 which are:

1).Black Silver Hoop Studs.
These babies are sooooo heavy! Once put them on i just got to take them off! I feel that there gonna rip my ears! ahaha but they really look good though such waste not to use them. But
wont wear these for parties or any special event cause i wont be able to wear them long hours! maybe just for photoshoots or when making my videos is the only exposure i could give these babies.


2). Color Ethnics
I love this! Cause i can pair this with any outfit because of the colors it has and quite excited to wear them. I love the design, its not an ordinary earrings that you can see in the malls or streets. Luckily got to chance to grab them at a very reasonable price..well atlst my mom did! Good Job! Good Job!

Even matched my makeup look!

AND my outfit!
Love this piece!

3). Golden Flowers!
At first i didnt know what to feel about this pair. Im really not sure if i like them or not.
Well actually until now i still dont know but their very unique piece which i like cause you wont see such items easily but affordable of course. hhhmmmm cause i was thinking if the design of its too much for me. I dont know. still not sure about this piece but there not that bad right?

Hope find more chandeliers! :)