Thursday, November 25, 2010

Days of my life: Experienced CATS and a day WITHOUT MAKEUP!


Just got home from HAU theater cause Brightwoods School presents "CATS". A musical play about the Jellicle Tribe and the story goes on. I mainly focus on the dance and songs cause it was FANTASTIC rather than the story! ahaha but worth watching! The songs were unbelievably great. If only it has a DVD i would watch it all over again.
I had fun, really think that they did much better than the original Cats featuring Lea Salonga. Just my opinion eventhough i havent watched the original.. ahaha

Documented some parts of it and me being soooo tired because of the days work. Evidences are on the photos aha

Sorry about the quality, shot from my camera phone
i wasnt bringing my camera.

I fell inlove with the stage set up, it was sooo realistic and recycled junk!
earth savers!!:)

Some Jellicle cats unleashed!
My cousins except the cat beside me
dont know her.

Was soooo bum cause of work, excuse my paleness..
I love this cat, Looks like a doll.

My 2nd yr cousin
Taller than me. tsk.