Sunday, November 21, 2010

Glamour wise: Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner

Make up treats for me!

I should blame youtube, im soooo broke because of makeup. I wasnt like this before seriously! i dont understand how i was sucked into makeup. I really dont! and now keep buying makeup as much as i can. I know its becoming a disorder, i can feel it. i need therapy FAST! haha

anyway makeup makes me happy still. No reason to stop. yet.

In other news...

Got some Rimmel goods. This was a risk that i took, cause normally i dont buy stuff that wasn't recommended but i was makeup craving again and spent half of my day in ebay and found these lipliners got me intrested mainly because of the price ofcourse! and at first i was quite hesitant to buy cause I DONT NEED THEM! but after that day my NYX Lip Liner in Hot Red went missing in my stash! i look for it the whole day! seriously!cant let my Nyx lip liner go til i gave up on looking and there, I found a reason to buy Rimmel Lip Liner. But before i bought it went to makeupalley and do some research about it. And no doubt alot of good reviews were found and that made me really have to get it.

I only got 3 of these, they were 9 shades actually. Some of the colors were not my thing so i just took the most raved colors from all the reviews i've read and they are:

1). Eastened Snob
I like wearing this color at work or for an everyday use cause i can pair this color with anything. Its simple yet feeling preppy whenever i use this. Its like a baby doll kinda pink but a bit darker, I really like it!

2). Pure
Whenever i wear this shade i feel like i ate a chicklet or a cherry gum. cause its like a bright red color and I think a great dupe to my lost NYX Hot Red Lip Liner ahaha

3. Red Diva
IM SOOOOO IN LOVE WITH THIS! its pretty faithful to what they call it. I feel like a diva when wearing this, truly. its a bit dark red but not dark oldies type of red. cant exlpain it but i am really diggin this red!

Love the shades and the formulation. The packaging is amazing too! The end is nice and tapered like the packaging and it applies super easily. The formula is thick and creamy but feels light on the lips. Staying power is really good. The color is well represented in the packaging and the look of the liner. I use these as an all-over lipcolor and it doesn't show dryness like most lipliners do. If you apply a gloss/lipbalm over these to add some shine/glossiness I would recommend letting them "dry/set" for a few minutes beforehand. I think this helps the color not come off when applying another product over top of the liner. Love these so much!!

PRICE: P125 each
They were on sale so got mine cheap.
just dont know if they are still on sale.
Check link down below!

happy me..:)