Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cheap Thrills for Gorgeous Me: Bangkok Lovin!

I love sunday! I get to be with my laptop again for the whole day:) A chance for me to blog my week, discoveries and my pleasure seeking disorder.

My week was definitely hhmmmm.... interesting and the same time tiring. But i get paid its ok, all is well. Get to know people and places, prices that will one day will give me a reason to have a car. Wishful thinking. ahaha

anyway, I got something this week. They came from you know where if you read the title from someone. I got this pumps, heels, wedge,shosies whatever you call them last Wednesday.
And was pretty darn cheap by the way. Like i said "cheap thrills" whenever i get low priced items that our same or even better than branded products makes me feel so street wise and
you'll feel proud of course cause its not easy to get such items that are more worthy than branded one's, especially for me! It takes DISCIPLINE! and not all posses such gift or talent. And above all makes me happy!

excuse the kid, her name is Giorgia my boss daughter. Have a huge crush on this kid.
so darn cute! i just love her!

anyway i needed a pic to cover something hideous at the back and got her picture instead cause she's sooooo pretty!

Black Leather Pumps

Its not that high actually but its a bit painful if worn long hours.
planning to buy some shoe pads. i dont know what they call those but i have to get one.

And its peep toe!:)

Item no. 2
Snake Wedge


Very comfortable.

Loving the snake skin pattern.
hope their not real though :/

AGAIN P200!!! took my breath away. i love bangkok!