Sunday, November 21, 2010

Days of my life...

The moment i wake up, i was praying hard that it would be a good day cause knowing that i have Saturday work and waking up early ruins my morning glory. The only thought that was keeping me excited for this day and reason to get my ass off bed was my bebeng! after 3weeks of not seeing each other i would be able too kiss and hug him again which keeps me super KILIG until now!! plus knowing that this day's work would be half day only makes me wanna end my work hours fast. My work at the office wasnt that hard compared with the weekdays works. I just cut some papers ,write few things and watched "Cats" rehearsal and im PAID! ahaha I LOVE MY SATURDAY JOB.

One of them is my cousin. Cant see her here.

Showing on Nov. 25 and 26 2010
Good luck to them!

After that i brought my bebeng to Marquee mall cause he was begging me to take him there which i didnt understand. I didnt see anything about marquee thats so special. We ate there walk a bit and went home to San Fernando went to Sm pampanga walk again to my favorite department store and documented a bit of this experience cause i dont see him that much anymore.

He never let go of my hand:)

except for this! he likes the slippers.

We went to church with him and with my WHOLE FAMILY to hear mass:) except for kael he was still in school. My parents invited him to have dinner with us and It was the first time we did have dinner with my bebeng and the first time that I introduced a guy or a boyfriend to my family. It turned out GREAT they were nice to him especially my dad! He was the one who really wanted him to stay, he even helped him look for a ride home to valenzuela.

Really am happy that he was officially introduced to my family and this was one of my best days that i ever had. so far..haha

First Family Picture with him.

Good Job baby!

My stupid brother ruined this picture. Put a fork on my head!