Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheap Thrills for Gorgeous Me

Divisoria never fails me!

I got these last wednesday, well not all anfd most are from divisoria the other one was a creation from Portia daughter of my mom's friend. Very talented girl. She sold them cheap that's why i love her! sharing these budget wise discoveries..

Been seeing these bracelets in so many online shops and they were selling
them for P7oo

P 400

This one was made by portia, Very nice piece and hoping to get more from her.

Prize: P 200

Black Bracelets for
Prize: P 80

I so love this! especially the denim and Gold combination with pearls.
Prize: P120

i felt a bit boyish and owned it.
this bracelet is unisex i guess..

Prize: ?????
(sorry :/)

Love the rusty chain detail on it.

Happy with my new discoveries! :)