Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in PARIS! asa...

I Started my Dec.24 at 1am rushing to wrap all my gifts for my family.
Cause my genius brothers decided to go to Baguio on Dec. 23 around 7pm i think. i rushed to SM Pampanga to buy gifts for all of them! So tired, went to manila on that same day too.  
But all is well, got to wrapped them anyway.

Feeling like Santa Claus!
Bag of Goodies!
Didn't get enough sleep though, they woke us up at 4am.
 Off we go!
followed this bus cause of the Wifi. Wasn't aware that there was such thing now a days.
We had to stop at a gas station. chance to pee!
and while i was doing my thing saw this sign. got the toilet seat wet. ahaha
 laugh a bit.
Mcdo Stop!
Hey No Makeup!
Had to open the windows the wind starts to get cold. Wiiiiii!!!
Were here!
Villa La Maja
Okay,This small inn was our childhood hotel. When we were kids, Every year my family and i go to Baguio and this place was our go to hotel But after YEARS of not going to Baguio we decided to stay here again.
I already forgot this place. My little brother doesn't recognized it anymore. haha

Still the same though. Nothings changed.
Old and Scary place. ahaha

 Very funny statue ahaha
 Breaking fashion rules.
My mom's idea. My shoesies were killing me cause they were new. dont have band aid
got no choice but to wear them.
Mom know's best, right?
 Like daughter, like Mom

 Savory those Chickens!
 The meanie eyes.
 Kuya derek got it covered.
 Guess who we buying gift for.. ahaha
After seeing this until now i didn't
 remember what we were doing here?
Kuya pao buying kael new watch for christmas. I hope am next! yihha!
 Said goodbye to those socks ahaha
bought band aid in watsons.
Loving my do. 

My diabetic dad and the nurse daughter

 Bought a new hat!
Love it!

 Bought another hat! haha

Nothing beats our mini Del Rosario Noche Buena! 
 My stupid brothers cant stand still!
 Dec 25. Good Morning Bagiuo!
 Drinking taho on a COLD COLD saturday morning!
 Kuya you want more?
Guess not. 
 Mais Mais!!
Wanna buy these colorful palis! 
but there so expensive.
 am i in the right place?? haha

DUMAN my fave!!

 Waiting for my mom again.
 mom's shop so long.
 The house of Mask.
Really fell inlove with all the mask. i wanna buy one but they sell it for 1,500
id rather make my own mask then!

 Girl time!
Got ourselves flat! 
Great timing actually we were about to leave here.
While the boys were doing their job,
 me and my mom had to do some pictorials ahaha
EDWARD!!!!! where are you???
Felt like bella again ahaha
Need Jacob's bod.
 Im madeline im madeline i may be very small
im madeline im madeline but inside im tall!
On our way home this huge fugly, i mean fog made me nervous!
we were at the zig zag and we cant see much the road.
 that is soooo fugly. ahaha

 after long hours of trip down topampanga at home another christmas party awaits us.
these time cousins at my father side.
total of 4 christmas partey!
haha see you!:)