Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Party, KULTO Style!

My 2nd Christmas Party was on Dec.22 2010 at Hizon's Rest House in Cabalantian Bacolor Pampanga. The place was so peaceful and very very nice "ethnic" house. Sad to say i didnt had a chance to take pictures of the whole thing but dont worry next time i will.

Anyway, This is the 9th year Christmas party they (Kulto) had and this celebration is more interesting and fun party i had attended unlike the past xmas parties they had was not that fun as this party. What's the difference? we had a Dance contest between the Mommies VS the Teens. Judges were the daddies!

2nd Prize: P10,000
1st Prize: P20,000

Who wouldn't say no to that! I HAVE TO JOIN!:)

My team, The "Teens" even though am not anymore had are practice for 2 whole days at King's Royal!
My team were ME, kale,darren,portia, erika, alexa, kesha,aisel, tinel, kides, Jp, pao, allen,jomel, bitoy and toni  our choreographer. 

While on the other team, They are my mom, tita val, tita raides, tita tess, cho, doc paul, ron,rap rap, dodong and jock jock their choreographer. 
Whole see our whole dance later.

See the Hizon Sisters move their ass 
(It was our break, got bored)
and sorry for my Ridiculous laughter ahaha

Obviously we had our color coding for each family.

Del Rosario 1 
Red team!
Del Rosario 2
Yellow Team!
David Family
Purple Team!
(Wasnt able to fix the mode of the cam)
Garcia Family
White Team!
Again sorry for the shot.
Hizon Family
Mint Green Team!
Pink Team.
Jomel wasn't suppose to be there.

Cho has a PINK bag so she wanted to join. ahaha
Fireworks Display!

Im ready!
My china people!

My Mom's Dance
sorry, it was dark they were dancing at the wrong side.

Teen's Dance.

cant upload it. having a hard time.

After our contest and games which i didnt had a chance to take pix we had our mini band!
We dance til we fall 
even though the songs were a bit oldies ahaha

Of course exchange gifts included!

I almost forgot!
My look for this night wasnt that much. Eyelinr, basic brown smoky eye,nude lips and im good to go!:)

Wearing a simple yellow spaghetti strap top and put over a skirt.

That's it!