Monday, December 27, 2010

Maybeline Dream Smooth SMOOOOOTH Mousse Foundation!

I didn't even know about this product until I saw one of my favorite YouTube reviewer Gina made this her drugstore king of foundation. So i have to try it! went to the mall and got home disappointed. They don't sell it here. so months passed until i saw Chedelyn's Facebook store selling it for only P 350. 
I filled up an order form paid the next day and got it after that day! very smooth transaction. i've been her buyer even before and very nice seller. She's selling drugstore makeups for cheap. Cheaper than the mall prices! so i love her store! do check her out. link's up there!

I got mine in Classic Ivory. im a bit pale.
I dont use the sponge but great packaging though.
I do agree with some reviews on this,there is nothing mousse like about this foundation. Also considering the packaging you don't really get alot. I have had this for a few days. Coverage wise I'd say this was medium, meaning it does a good job on redness but you will still need a concealer for any darker spots you may have. Its has a dewy side or satin finish which i love about in a foundation i dont like much plain matte finish. i would repurchase definitely.
i havent really broke out yet so im hoping it doesnt happen but the color bleh! 
it feels and looks soooo smooth and makes your face look airbrushed, i love it.
decided to apply this on my face with my ELF FLAT TOP PWDR BRUSH....I looked flawless!!! 
 ELF Powder Brush
my favorite brush ever as of now ! I had this brush for about 5 months now and im so glad i invested into this . The Brush is extremely soft and dense. It can be used for many things such as, Powder, Blush , Highlight and as Liqud foundation. I love it for Liquid foundation it blends so well and give a flawless airbrush finish ! And it was P250 ! HOW CHEAP . I love this brush ! You are really getting a big bang for your buck !

Hope that helps! bye!