Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Ssssmellss..........

New edition, LIVE PLATINUM, arrives in design inspired by snow. Its bottle is fragile and unique as a snowflake, which will melt on your neck and wrists and win you over with its aromas.
Live Platinum arrives in a glass bottle which refracts snow-white rays and has the same shape as its antecedent. It is decorated with a pendant shaped like a snow-flake on the neck of the bottle.
The composition offers a blend of gourmand notes of marzipan, plum and ruby grapefruit, to warm and inspire your snowy days, accompanied with Christmas rose, orange blossom and hint of heliotrope accords in the heart of composition. The base combines vanilla, musk, white cedar wood and amber.

live platinum is containing a floral heart. Like Glow, there is a sharp vibe to give the fragrance a fresh, icy jolt of energy. The gentle base is warm ,and musk, vanilla & amber is slightly more noticeable here. It seems 'warm' and comforting to me. Very well done balanced between freshness and warmth.
The bottle is the same as original Live, but it's prismatic (similar to the way patrol shines varying shades in the light) with frosted blue, green, gold & lilac, plus it has a cute snowflake charm around the bottle neck in a feminine touch.
Packaging is perfect for these coming Holidays!

I think the bottle and the overall theme of a snowflake is well suited to this fragrance and the time of the year. The scent is indeed fresh, crisp and wintery. It would also work well as a mood-lifter in sharp and cruel weather due to its sweet and light hints of fruit.

The lasting power probably isn't going to blow you away and the sillage isn't really strong, however I quite like that this fragrance is intimate and soft, it is more pleasant that way.

For people thinking of trying this fragrance, hurry because it's a limited edition and could disappear very soon.