Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today is HAPPY DAY and thankful for the Blessings i have received this day!:)
Whenever its happy day i always give myself a small reward for a job well done i have accomplished every month. So for this month bough some ELF goodies! 

I dont know if i mentioned this before how im completely obsessed with ELF! There products are unbelievably affordable and at the same time GREAT QUALITY! they are one of the most raved drugstore products in the US.

ELF Eyelash Curler
I like this cause i heard and read SSSSOOOOOO many good reviews about this curler tried it couple of times. It's not a bad product but nothing extra special either. It curls lashes nicely and fits the shape of my eyes. Comes with one refill (or whatever it's called), which is a bonus since I always have a really hard time finding those little rubber things.This curler does its job with no problems. Don't think I will repurchase again because I probably won't need to. My old eyelash curler has lasted for probably good 1-2 years and I still have it. I am sure that this one will be the same. And i love the plastic piece which closes the curler good for storing. 

I've been dying to have this. Cause i dont have that brow kits in my collection glad i have it now.
bought my kit in light cause most of the availble shades were too dark for me so i got this instead.
I usually use a brow pencil in defining my brows. In this kit you'll get a gel and a powder finish. The dark one is in gel form and the lighter shade is in powder form.The packaging is super sleek and it comes with a cute little double sided applicator. I use it sometimes, but I mostly use with an angled eyeliner brush. I love how cheap this is. I'd repurchase over and over again. If I had to complain about it, the only thing I'd say is to offer it in more color ranges (the powder). 

In my ring finger is the lighter shade in powder form while the other is in gel.
This set were their christmas packages for a very cheap price. im crazy when it comes to liners and mascara so didnt hesitate to buy it.

Lets start with the shimmer eyeliner pencil.
beautifully shaded and richly pigmented. They glide on easily without tugging. I wouldn't call them smudge proof but they do stay in place pretty well compared to most pencil eyeliners. I don't really care for the built in sharpener - it's hard to keep clean and you can end up getting eyeliner all over your fingers every time you use it. the shimmer isn't showing that much on camera but it really is shimmery in actual application. I'm planning to buy the whole set of colors actually. what do you think? hmmm?

Waterproof Eyeliner
Well most of the reviews about this pen liner i read is that it dries up quick. i guess thats the downfall of this product but as you can see in the pic how pigmented it is. still experimenting with it actually. Just a tip for preventing it to dry up quick is how you position it while your storing it and making sure that the cap is tightly closed.
Lengthening and Defining Mascara
The first time i knew that this was a defining mascara i was a bit turned off. know y?
Defining mascara often clumps. which is a BIG no no for me and plus its a lengthening is not making me wanna buy it too. But its a part of the set so got no choice but to get them all. I'm usually a volumizing mascara kind of girl, but I really like this mascara. 

The brush is small so it's pretty easy to manuver, even on your bottom lashes. I haven't noticed any smearing or flakiness. Brush is the typical brush you could see on any other cheap mascara.
Downfall of this product its a bit messy.
A big off for me cause alot of the product wasted on top of the cap.
No mascara on. My normal lashes.
BUT!!! for the quality.. hmmmm

 Am I ever impressed!
It makes my lashes nice and dark, and it does seem to lengthen them a bit. You can build the product up on your lashes, but only to a certain point. I was trying to achieve more volume, but noticed on the 3rd coat my lashes started to get clumpy and started to stick together. But, it looks fine with 2 coats, and it holds a curl well.Overall, I'd say this mascara is quite the bang for your buck, it performs better than other more expensive mascaras that I've tried and it's dirt cheap! I'd definitely recommend.
PLUS! they gave me a freebie bag! ahaha
Thank you ELF!

Mechanical Lasg Curler: P129,00
Eye Combo Set: P250
Eyebrow Kit: P250

Happy me!