Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(LATE )180 Eyeshadow Swatches

I know this was late! cause the past few days i have been very busy for Christmas parties and birthdays 
and events. i haven't blog some of those cause im having a hard time with camera! It doesn't or 
i just dont know how to set it on a certain modes that i wanted so sometimes or most of the pictures i have are a bit blurry or dark. And still waiting for some pictures that are haven't uploaded by friends of mine.
so just watch out for that. ill be posting it soon as i get them.

But for now, As promised in my "Guess What's in the Box" vlog, ill be doing swatches of my 180 eyeshadow pallete. Just to show you guys how very pigmented they are and i guess a great gift for any girl that are makeup geeks like me. All of the colors i'll be swatching for you. 

Posted them randomly. 

Again chalky and mattes are in this swatches but again very pigmented.

Most are matte and in here there are a lot of highlight colors that you could choose from and also as a base color.

Most of these have a very metallic finish. Some of my faves are metallic eyeshadow. I love this set. 

Again, most are on the matte side and few are metallics and loving the gold color at the bottom part.

Most has a satin finish which i like and as i said very PIGMENTED!

Here are the neutrals. Most of them are matte and few have a chalky finish which i dont like cause there is possibility that chalky eyeshadow can clump in your lids and wont blend easily. Very hard to work with.

Hope that was interesting and helpful!