Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guess what's in the BOX!!!

Just got this yesterday evening and i was pretty excited to get home early. I feel like a kid whenever buying online stuff especially now christmas is coming!!!! feels like waiting for santa claus to come down the chimney for your goodies! The excitement and the thought of your new toy is coming wwwwoooohhhhhooooo! sooooo like christmas whenever i buy stuff online ahaha

Before i show you the "GIFT" lemme tell you first

how am so happy that my 88 matte palette has a buddy now cause as you can see in the picture you could really tell that i murdered her! she's one of my first makeup i had ever had and its like my only eyeshadows i had. I got most of my palettes from Dollface Cosmetics click here check their site i love their store! but this time i got it from a different seller, link's bellow. Dollface Cosmetics doesnt have this particular set so i was forced to buy from other seller.

I was pretty faithful to her (my 88 palette) i didnt buy any eyeshadows before because i know that she has what i wanted. I had her when i was still in 3rd college then and i think its time to let her relax a bit. Most of it i already hit the pan so i asked daryll to buy me a new one for christmas and he did BUT we decided to buy a palette that is more than 88 eyeshadow so he bought me the 180 eyeshadow palette! Wweeeee!!!!! BUT FIRST!

A Tribute to my OLD 88 matte Palette.
I was a bit rough on her:(

really worth the money!
A totally recommended product.
it did last me for almost 2 yrs and
still have a lot of colors to choose from.

Opened My Box!!!

As you can see mine has no brand.
The first time i saw this palette was in youtube and
the one they were showing was the same palette but it
has a brand called "Manly". Am just not sure if we have
the same manufacturer but they have the same colors
as mine. Same design, same everything.
but am sure that they all came from just one country
which is Hongkong.

That's just not all of it.
You have to flip each cause there's another
layer of colors beneath it.

The First Layer

Left palette is more on the shimmery side.
It doesnt much show in the pictures how shimmery
they are but they really are.

The Middle Palette
This has both a shimmery and matte tones to it
and what i like about this palette are the marble shadows.
as you can see at the bottom.

The Right Palette
Most are on the matte side but there are 2 shimmery
shadows got mix to this palette.

The 2nd Layer

The Left Palette
As you can see most of the shade here
neutral ones. Both matte and shimmer are in here.

The Middle Palette
Same. Both matte and shimmer finish.

The Right Palette

Most are matte finish but 2 shimmer got mixed.

Thats the 180. Pretty much the same with the 88, 120 and etc. Most of the colors are very similar with the other palette's they produce which they obviously are! like i said the 88 and 120 etc. Same quality but A LOT MORE COLORS! There are alot of matte one's and marble and a shimmer and satin one's. Some are very soft, some are very powdery or chalky but if you understand how to use them and figure out what's best to use with them and am sure you'll get along just fine.

Definitely gonna do so many looks with this so watch out for that.
And i'll be posting some swatches of my fave colors from this palette tomorrow.

Got this from "Get Sophisticated Onlineshop" check their
store too! They pretty much have every cosmetic you want!
i love shopping there. Very affordable prices and great deals!


PRICE: 1650

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