Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Squeaky Clean BRUSHES!!!!

Today i was planning to wash my brushes cause i havent wash them since my last contest i joined in and i thought of sharing with you guys how i wash or clean my brushes without purchasing any brush shampoo's. i learned this from michelle phan but in her vid she was promoting brush guards and that cost here around P200 to P300 and up, so i wasnt really liking the idea of purchasing things just to clean my brushes. instead il show you how i do my brush cleaning without purchasing anything cause most of the things u'll need are already in your reach.

Things Needed:

Step 1
this is self explanatory.

Step 2
Mix with the dish washer soap.

Step 3

Step 4
Wipe off any excess soap from the brush.

Same procedure.

Step 5

While your dabbing your brush into the soap you
can lay them first on a paper towel. The paper towel will
absorb excess soap dripping from the brush while
finishing the rest of your brushes.

Lookie all the dirt!
Time to throw!

Step 6
Rinse with a running water each brushes.

With the sponge, you can use a hair shampoo
to remove the absorb liquid foundation and
rinse it on a running water.

Step 7
Let the tissue absorb the excess water.

Step 8
Let it dry.

I know in the other tutorials in how to clean
brushes you should place them vertically so that
the water from the brushes would down, away from the
handle so that it wont worn out the glue that holds the hair
of the brushes together but in my case i use this method to
let it dry more faster. Either way you can use any technique.

Were done!
Hope that helps!:)