Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wet n Wild Haul!

Got my wet n wild package last Monday and like i said late blog again. Well anyway i felt the wet n wild fever  even ELF and Rimmel fever when i started subscribing to YouTube Guru Gina where i fell inlove with her channel because of her drugstore product reviews and haul'n. Its my 2nd go to when i need to know about a product, if i should buy or not. Great and fun guru! totally recommended for makeup geeks out there.

Going back, Got 5 wet n wild items from Ebay of course! where everything soooo cheap!
Got 2 Cream Eyeliners and 3 Palettes.

Lets start with these babies.
I have seen this before on ebay like way way back just ignored them!! but after watching Gina's Review on this mega eyes creme eyeliners i just got to get them fast!

They have 2 colors available
which are:
Black- P 114
Eggplant- P 104.50
Unfortunately i got the dried black liner!
sooo pissed off knowing this.
but its cheap so its ok but still working pretty good though.
I have never used a cream liner before and after seeing gina's review, I had to try it. This product has good reviews and it's super cheap so I bought it a few days ago.
Tried it for the first time and love it.  The liner itself is very creamy, dark in color, and goes on smoothly.
I didn't use the brush that comes with it because it looks too big for precise application. I used my E.L.F. Studio Angled Brush that's a little bit smaller.
I really like it. The liner is very dark and I have been wearing it for about 5 hours now with no problems at all. Doesn't look like it's going to fade significantly and it has not smudged at all.
The container it comes in is small but it contains so much product that I think I will probably use this product for a long time before I have to repurchase another one. This product has completely changed the way apply liner and I am definitely not going back to eyeliner pencils again.
Only issue I have with it is that the packaging is kinda blah, but that's not the important part so I am not overly concerned with it.

Now this one is sssoooo creamy! easy to blend with!
you would really know the difference between the creamy and the dried up liners.
this one still glossy while the other one is not.

Things I like: true purple color, stays on ALL day, price is right
Things I dislike: the formula is "wetter" and thinner than the black version of this liner--a bit of a disappointment, and the brush is worthles, I always worry that it's going to dry out. Overall, though, I like this liner a lot and will keep buying.

It comes in a small, round container and an angled brush for application.


The WNW Coloricon Palettes

Wet 'n' Wild is really stepping up their game. After using their creme eyeliner and LOVING it, and reading such positive reviews about these palettes, I was confident in giving them a try. But unfortunately we don't have wet n wild outlets here in Pampanga. The only wet n wild store i found was in SM North Edsa. They sell this palettes for P 400 each!!! Which i wont waste my money on! ahaha LUCKILY saw JNLINK77 Store on ebay selling them for only P 142.50!! That's alot of difference. So if intrested links up there! :)

I only got 3, Originally they are 4 palettes but i didnt like the 4th palette it wasn't something i would wear or feel like the colors of the 4th one so bland. They call that palette Greed check it, you might like it but for me this 3 are my best picks.

Starting with the left is Lust, Vanity and Pride

Here's the back part which teaches you some basic application of eyeshadow.

Lets start with

When I saw this palette it was screaming my name. These colors are all the types of colors I adore. I was familiar with Wet 'n' Wild shadow pigmentation so I was sure I would love it and I do. I do have to say some colors are a bit unwearable for my skin tone. The shimmery white is the least pigmented in the bunch. The matte green is a really unique color, very pigmented I just haven't found a way to wear it yet. The matte blue is gorgeous for lining the eyes and in the crease. Lastly, the shimmery blue is my favorite in the palette cause its deeply pigmented and showcases blue-green eyes amazingly. For the ridiculously cheap price of P142.50 for six shadows, this is a no brainer. Get this palette now.

This is an awesome palette that are almost all mac dupes that I usually wouldn't buy because I don't use these colours often and mac is expensive. But now that I have this palette I don't need to think about buying the mac ones cause they're so inexpensive and they are more pigmented than the mac ones! Here's a list that I have from youtube guru EasyAccessBeauty. Check out her channel for more dupes she's amazing when it comes to makeup.

1. Matte white - Gesso
2. Matte mint green - Newly Minted
3. Matte navy blue - Nehru
4. Shimmery green - Steamy
5. Shimmery navy blue - Deep Truth

-Review from apk2 in makeup alley 


I've recently been getting into more natural eye shadow & shying away from the brighter colors I usually wear.
Vanity is nearly perfect! I love how the matte shades go together so well! I can get a natural brown smokey look. It's really pretty & blends nicely.
I haven't really used the shimmer side (although I love the brown shimmer color). I'll admit the gold im inlove. I'm more of a silver and gold girl.
 overall I think this is a great palette with an affordable price tag!


I adore purple eyeshadows. In the package the colors are vibrant and beautiful, they are unique compared to the typical d/s purple eyeshadows. It was an overwhelming wet 'n' wild fest. Most of the shadows are suprisingly pigmented and super blendable. I was shocked. The only colors I dislike are the matte white (ish), and the matte purple. The matte white.. purple color is pretty chalky. The entire shimmer side is lovely though. I would recommend this to anyone getting into makeup and who likes to play around with fun colors. I doubt I'll ever run out of this, but I would repurchase if need be.

Planning to do a simple makeup looks on each palette both for matte and shimmer sides so watch out for that!
Anyway hope that helps!