Thursday, March 3, 2011

Completely Random!

This is just a non-makeup related vlog for the fact that i just wanna blog something different.
Anyway got off from work and still tired from the trip, if you didn't know my work place is wayyyyyy far from my place and i have to travel for ??? KM aha i dont know exactly how far but its far like i have to ride 4 vehicles just to get home. So its pretty tiring but its part of having a job, right? hmmmmm....

When i got home, normally i go upstairs to my room not even bothered to check whats for dinner cause usually im too tired to eat which i know, I KNOW!!! is not good to say cause i feel like im snobbing the blessings that God has given us at our table which i feel pretty guilty for that but a bit i don't cause at the back of my mind if i eat and at the same time i feel tired i wont finish my food practically it'll go to waste which i guess is pretty worst than snobbing the food. Do you get my point? just my opinion which i feel bad for thinking such too.

But this afternoon or evening, i changed my routine by getting some dinner and planned to eat it in my room while checking my Facebook and watching some videos on YouTube. That way! i wont feel or atleast think that im tired.

wanna know what happened next...

Ended up playing with my food. 
even left messages for myself! 
hope this will remind me.
UGH! i feel so bad or even WORST! 
il definitely rather not eat than playing and wasting food! 
I promise I PROMISE not to eat dinner again!

Feel free to comment below,
its free!

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