Thursday, April 21, 2011

A 17 yr old Boy that made my miserable day into a Gloweeee day:)

Recently i got hooked to dailybooth where you can post a picture daily or every second of the day showing what you did during your day. its like a diary but instead of writing you post a picture that made that day special to you or anything you like to post. And anyone can comment to your posted pic and be reminded that everything there is publicly shown everyone will see your picture around the Globe! 

Anyway short intro there, while i was browsing along the live feeds where you can see everyones recently uploaded pix i saw his post and answered his question RANDOMLY cause that day i was having a bad day and poured it out at him, A STRANGER that i randomly communicated with ahaha


Yes this is he.. "CoveredEyes" was his name there. Pretty weird. But still he made my day cause i dont even know him i just suddenly blurted everything out at him and i didnt thought that he would even reply to what i said and after just a sec he did. Which surprised the hell out of me. Proved me wrong too cause not all Americans are rude aha


aint that sweet:) Great day.

Thank You whoever you are:)