Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flawless SAS Soap

Went to the mall today with my family. We watched a movie just to celebrate somehow the Chinese new year even though were not Chinese. Anyway while strolling around the mall I saw the Flawless Store which is a facial and beauty selling company. Ever since my cousin recommended a soap to me that I tried and been a fan of it, I have been going back and forth to this store.
a.k.a Sulfuric Acid Soap
This is already my fourth SAS soap from Flawless. I have been using this ever since I was in highschool and now, I'am already working and it's only been my fourth soap from them.
YES! this comes a long long way.
As you can see through its box its for acne prone skin, Unclogs pore and minimizes oiliness.
It really does dries up your skin, which I know I shouldn't be using this for my face, like I said my face is a DESERT! Still, it actually does minimize acne occurrences but not totally eradicate it which is pretty normal thing for humans. For the unclogging pores, I don't feel it. I don't even know if thats true. 

You will know that this is working,you can really feel a tingling sensation after applying this or while lathering this on your face. Some might have a sting kind of feel which I felt the first time but after using this repeatedly     it will gradually lessen up to the point you wont feel any sting sensation anymore.
Well this is not really a BIG trick, I guess. To make this last long but it somehow helps me prevent this to dissolve quick when using. 
Obviously, I cut this in half so that I can save the other from dissolving. Cause its quite big enough to just use it alone for your face. I use this once a day only but if you have oily skin twice would be good for you.
1. Minimizes acne occurrences.
2. Minimizes your pores. 
1. Drying factor is a no no no for me. This is good for oily skin types
2. It smells like chemicals. Dont like it.
Sensitive skin and Oily skin out there, TRY IT!

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