Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Ukay Edition!

Hi! Good Evening you guys!
It's late already and I just got home.
I don't feel sleepy yet but I went out and though of sharing with you some of my Ukay-ukay shopping spree.
So for those who aren't familiar with "Ukay-ukay", It was derived from the Visayan term “halukay” which means the act of digging. Ukay-ukay shopping is like treasure hunting, but instead of looking for a treasure, you are literally digging from the piles of clothes which are mostly vintage and of high value. 
Me and my mom, We are royalties when it comes to this. We literally stay half day digging for good vintage clothing for inexplicably cheaper price. 
Here are they! 
I won't be describing everything cause I'am sure you won't read them anyway. wahaha!
Lucky! I got branded tops! Yahoooooo.....:)

All of these garments that I got are only P65.00 each.
 I didn't get a chance to dig everything at the store cause they were already closing and such a shame, I was starting to get fun! 
It feels super rewarding to spend money like this! I don't know why but I find joy and worth the money when spending them on ukay. cause for a total of P455.00! I got 7 clothes already where in fact, in the malls, for the price of P 455 you'll get a simple plain tee. ugh right???
I'am not a brand conscious person, As long as the clothes fit me and I feel good in it. Branded or not! I'ma get me some especially when it's ukay. 
So for ukay lovers like me hope you enjoyed this and thank you for visiting!