Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Funny Halloween Movies To Watch!

Just a few weeks more and hallows eve is coming, and what better way to celebrate a creepy night but to watch scary movies!
I know, I know. Some of you aren't that into horror movies so I decided to choose some of my light Halloween picks for this post. Most of the movies that I'll be suggesting are from the 90's, cause obviously I'm a 90's kid. haha Sit tight and enjoy!
The Addams Family
 photo imagesCAUKJYU1.jpg
 From all this bunch, This is my favorite movie. This brings back my childhood days plus the humor is to die for. I've never been so giddy in my life for this movie. 
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 Ernest Scared Stupid
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The truth is, I haven't re watch this movie since I was in elementary. I forgot the name of the movie and I just recently remembered it. Thankfully I was still able to find it and guess I'll watch this on Halloween too. Wohooo!
BTW This is the safest Halloween movie that you'll see if your gonna give this a go.  Trust me.
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Hocus Pocus 
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Need I say more how this movie is a must watch!?!
Of course except for the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker even look so hot here.
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One of the reasons why I love watching this is because of Wynona. Gushing over her, She look so cute! haha but for the movie this still quite a bit creepy for me plus I love the 90's cinematography back then. Again humor and the scary factor. hahaha

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I know, you must be thinking that this got lost from the bunch because its a bit new.
I just got to include this. Now if you wanna try a bit more creepiness feel, this will certainly ease that up. You must be thinking that cartoons aren't that scary but with the way this was shot and eeriness of the story will simply make you chill. I really love this movie. A must watch!
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So that's it! Hope those were a bit helpful in your movie selection for the coming Halloween. Il try to put up some more light movie recommendations for you if given a chance.
Anyway thanks for reading!