Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Certified and Proud Introvert

                                               Recently I just discovered that I'm an introvert. Specifically a INTJ. Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment. CLICK HERE to know more in depth about this personality. You could also try their personality test HERE if your interested.

I felt relieved to know that I wasn't alone.  It really feels good to have an explanation for my behavior. People thought that I was aloof, a non emotional entity that walks, weird, they think I have a problem or upset cause I don't talk much and even lonely cause they usually see me alone in a corner doing my own business. Were in fact I'm enjoying myself. I don't know why but It feels good to be alone sometimes without caring what people would think about me. So after I read tons of introvert related articles, I've embraced it and truly happy to know that its a normal behavior. Cheers to us introverts! haha

I decided to post this blog cause I've been itching to share my thoughts about this and I decided to share my introvert traits for you know a bit about me.  Hope you enjoy!
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1. Me Time
After a whole day surrounded and forced to talk to people, I need to recharge by being alone. I give high importance on quiet and restful time so that I can feel refreshed and prepared. Being an introvert we can find a lot of ways to entertain ourselves. 
Sometimes people would invite me to go out especially after work, I don't mean to be rude by declining your invitation, Its just that my battery is running empty.
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2. My Gift Of Silence
People think that me being silent means I'm upset or I have a problem. Sometimes I'm just comfortable with my own thoughts than others and In fact I often do not interact simply for the sake of interacting.

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3. Handful of Friends
Unlike extroverts that has a wide circle of friends.
 I truly believe of quality over quantity. But those friend of mine started like waayyy back when I was in high school until now. They still accept my personality as the type that doesn't return any of their phone calls and who forgets their birthdays but still try to greet them afterwards haha But when it comes to our relationship its more deeper and as much as possible I leave a strong bond with them forming a lasting relationship.

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4. The Pet
One of the reasons why I love staying at home is because of my cat.
Love spending time with her, its one of those stress balls kinda thing that makes you feel better afterwards.

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5. The Thrive In The Online World
 Blogging gives me a sense to freely talk about what I feel. Gives me more time to process my thoughts and opinion.
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6. Crowded
Unlike an extrovert they get hyped by being surrounded by people. We in the other hand find it boring at the same time exhausting due to the fact that you will have to engage conversing with strangers from time to time. That's why we prefer to be in a place where there are few people especially a place where you don't have to shout at each others ear.  
I'm not being an anti social but we prefer smaller groups than crowd, for us to take the time to discover a person and that’s why, we don’t like small-talk because we hate the barrier it creates between people.
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7. The Runner
 When it comes to parties, weddings, birthdays or even at work when its time to go. I mean it, Its time for me to go. Extroverts tend to stay up until everyone is packed up or even hang out to chat some more. I myself stands on guard at the doorway to beat everyone in exiting.  
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8. Phone Calls
As much as possible I avoid picking up phone calls due to the fact that you have to talk a lot especially if you start calling out of the blue. I would appreciate a text first before people start calling me at least I'll have an idea what to say.  Except of course if its my partner or my boss. haha

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9. Rest Days
Best days of my entire week. It'll be quite difficult for me to say yes to any activities outside of my premises when this day comes. If you must know by now, I have hobbies and a bedtime of a senior citizen. 
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10. A Quiet Time With Our Partner
One of the things that amazes me is that even if I have this personality somebody still fell in love with me. According to 16 personalities website,
INTJs seek strong, deep relationships, and trust their knowledge and logic to ensure that their partner is satisfied, both intellectually and physically."
Me and boyfriend are already in our 5th year so far, were both growing and happy. To tell you the truth I'm not sure what my boyfriend lands in the 16 personality scope but I bet he's also a introvert cause somehow we have the similar taste of "introvertness". I think ahaha

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