Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 2: 5th Year Escape!

After our batanga's trip with my man, We we're scheduled to have another trip right after that day.
Now this trip was planned by my officemates and I decided to bring him along cause of course its our anniversary and like any other boring couple, this is a first for us. And don't worry, plus one's we're allowed to bring. So yey! :)
I was super excited with this trip besides the fact that it was really far journey, It was also a camping type of adventure which scared me at first. All I was thinking about was the BATHROOM! If you must know I'am easily freaked out by dirty, old and musty baths. But somehow I was still able to surpass my worst fear.
 photo IMG_65268589809591.jpeg
My gorgeous workmates.
 photo IMG_95244744035111.jpeg

 photo IMG_60025718675192.jpeg
 This trip was in Zambales. Its not in Anawangin of course but in Nagsasa Cove. Somehow my manager figured that anawangin is already crowded by the hype it gets and decided to go to nagsasa. Basically this two islands were just close by with each other and it didn't have that much tourist. Which is alright with me cause the place was so amazingly beautiful that we we're able to own all the space.  harhar!
 photo IMG_65238731531668.jpeg
 photo IMG_65223729215283.jpeg
This is where we set up our tents.
Like I told you, we felt we own the whole island.
 photo IMG_65219359809899.jpeg
What did  I tell you!?! It's so magically breath taking.
 photo IMG_65189333267437.jpeg
 And like any other tourists would do. We just gotta have to whip out our cameras.
 photo IMG_59973583369807.jpeg
 photo IMG_59966371966499.jpeg photo IMG_59955503813346.jpeg
 Added some goofiness :)
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 photo IMG_59989339770884.jpeg
 photo IMG_59994307544423.jpeg photo IMG_95333150635188.jpeg
Our light house escapades.
 photo IMG_95376475794880.jpeg photo IMG_95390009391418.jpeg
 photo IMG_60019791470730.jpeg
And of course cheesy as it may seem I just gotta love the view and this hunk.  
 photo IMG_95393352446034.jpeg
Last photos together. Haha!
 photo IMG_95506836161649.jpeg photo IMG_95431036027649.jpeg photo IMG_95460330532188.jpeg photo IMG_95495712998572.jpeg
It was a memorable trip for us. We would definitely be coming back.
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