Monday, August 11, 2014

5th Year Anniversary!

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Hi! Its been a while since I wrote here and I apologize for my lack of involvement this last few months. Anyway this past May was a very special month and I'am sure you already knew that by the title of this blog ahaha, Silly me. Righ?! Yes! it was our 5th year anniversary me and my man! wooohoooo! We decicded for this year to do something new! Cause in the past years we've been celebrating our anniversary's quite normal. We tend to do things that we've been doing before in our ordinary days. So I decided to step it up a bit, you know to add excitement on our day.
I know most couples in their 5th year would have done a lot of travelling by this time but ofcourse we, slow pokes haven't. I know, lame right? We never even stepped out of the borders of metro manila for leisure. I don't know what we were thinking!?!
This year I decided to travel out of town. Batangas!
Its was a easy travel for beginners like us so we were able to manage.
We've chosen
It was a recommendation by a friend of mine at work which I was super pleased. Thank you!
This place was so phenomenal! it is a balinese inspired resort which was so peaceful and fit for me and my man since were such a boring couple aha! A good place to relax from all the noise and toxicity of urban living. Please do check their site for more information and pictures of the place.
 We had a deluxe room. Which was fine for the both of us. Its spacious and very clean which is so important for me.  
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 Here's what the outside look like in our villa.
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 And more pix!
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 photo IMG_1972.jpg  photo IMG_1975.jpg  photo IMG_1976.jpg  photo IMG_1977.jpg  photo IMG_1978.jpg  photo IMG_1980.jpg  photo IMG_1983.jpg
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Another thing that I love this place is the animals!
They move around like they own the place aha
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 photo IMG_2030.jpg  photo IMG_2032.jpg
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Free breakfast!
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As you probably can tell we acted like a real tourist aha
We spent the day taking alot of pictures. This was just a few of those pictures.
And yeah! that's a wrap! I really recommend this place to those couples you like to take it easy. This place was huge and a lot of grounds to explore. Very very nice.
Hope that was helpful CHEERS!