Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My DIY Hong Kong Trip

Again its been a while since I wrote a post in this blog. I haven't been hauling beauty stuff for long time now, I feel bad. I have been more into books lately and you could check my book blog which is www.naixreads.blogspot.com so if your into reading its definitely for you.
Going on with the post. Its the end of March but it will always be a memorable month for me.
This was the month where I was able to travel with him for the VERY VERY first time outside the country!!!
It might not be that big of a deal to some but it was a very monumental moment for me at least.
Because with this trip I was able to do it with NO FINANCIAL HELP WITH NO ONE!
No debts and especially no help with the parents.
You know how it is when travelling abroad you've got to have that amount of money with you always cause if something happens, You have no one to turn to in that country especially if you have no relatives there. It was really a big step for me to do such a thing knowing I have no discipline when it comes to money but hey!
 So here are some of our travel escapades in a cold Hong Kong weather!

 photo IMG_3211.jpg
 Waiting for our plane.
 photo IMG_3205.jpg
 photo IMG_3216.jpg
 photo IMG_3221.jpg
 photo IMG_3226.jpg
 photo IMG_3241.jpg
Here we are going on our way to our Hotel. Holiday Inn Golden Mile at Nathan Road.
It isn't pretty obvious how excited I was especially I was amaze how their airport express train was soooo convenient and fast. To be honest it was pretty expensive but worth it aha
 photo IMG_3231.jpg
This trip was an impromptu. We didn't avail any package tours and etc. This was all on us.
My mom even says that we were so brave to even think of traveling without any help. At first I was planning to get a package tour and when I saw how it was, I wasn't happy about it. Here's the problem.
Everything is timed. You have a certain hour to get ready and visit a place which doesn't work for me. I want to enjoy this country on my own time and pace. Second problem was limited places to go to. Now this was a HUGE issue for me. Hong Kong has a lot to offer somehow the packages that I saw were limited to their main attraction which is Disney Land or Ocean Park plus a park and that's it! In this trip we were able to go  at least 5 places for only 3 days and 2 nights stay, Which was not bad at all.
Hong Kong as I've read from tons of reviews says that its one of the tourist friendly places you can visit especially for beginners like us, is a good place to start.  There are a lot of signs and maps you can travel here by train alone. Its that easy!
 Last problem with package tours, they are very expensive. Besides their planned destinations if you want to add more locations to their package you have to add additional fees that are more costly than what you think. I know! I've researched everything before going on this trip.
One of those website that helped me a lot in this trip is this link. CLICK HERE!
With this website you'll learn a lot! Down to the destinations, prices, links to go to, what to bring etc.
You should check this site and of course trip advisor for more reviews.

On our way to Peak Tram!
 photo IMG_3243.jpg photo IMG_3244.jpg
 photo IMG_3245.jpg
Don't worry English translations were present in every signage.
Just learn how to read PROPERLY of the directions.
 photo IMG_3251.jpg
 photo IMG_3261.jpg photo IMG_3258.jpg

 photo IMG_3268.jpg
Heading to
Sky Terrace 428!
 photo IMG_3272.jpg  photo IMG_3277.jpg
I enjoyed this part! aha Were so high up.
 photo IMG_3321.jpg
 photo IMG_3287.jpg photo IMG_3297.jpg photo IMG_3289.jpg
 photo IMG_3306.jpg photo IMG_3311.jpg photo IMG_3316.jpg
 photo IMG_3288.jpg
 photo IMG_3317.jpg
 photo IMG_3330.jpg
This place was sooo fun! But I would advise that you bring a third person or a fourth one to take pictures for you cause its a MUST!

The Trick Eye Museum
 photo IMG_3337.jpg photo IMG_3338.jpg photo IMG_3344.jpg  photo IMG_3351.jpg
 photo IMG_3354.jpg
 photo IMG_3363.jpg
 photo IMG_3364.jpg
 photo IMG_3374.jpg  photo IMG_3378.jpg  photo IMG_3389.jpg
 photo IMG_3390.jpg  photo IMG_3402.jpg  photo IMG_3405.jpg  photo IMG_3408.jpg  photo IMG_3411.jpg  photo IMG_3416.jpg  photo IMG_3419.jpg  photo IMG_3425.jpg  photo IMG_3431.jpg  photo IMG_3432.jpg  photo IMG_3447.jpg  photo IMG_3454.jpg  photo IMG_3458.jpg  photo IMG_3466.jpg  photo IMG_3472.jpg  photo IMG_3473.jpg  photo IMG_3476.jpg  photo IMG_3480.jpg  photo IMG_3489.jpg  photo IMG_3490.jpg  photo IMG_3492.jpg  photo IMG_3494.jpg  photo IMG_3499.jpg  photo IMG_3502.jpg  photo IMG_3507.jpg

Ice cream break at Mcdo with their Green Tea ice cream.
To tell you frankly, I wasn't fond of it.
 photo IMG_3516.jpg
Heading back home with their double decker killer bus.
Boy oh boy oh boy! Their driving is insanely scary!
Obviously you can tell by the looks of our foreign bus mates.
Hahaha! but seriously, It was a ride to remember. 
 photo IMG_3526.jpg  photo IMG_3527.jpg
DAY 2, to follow because this blog is going to be too long for all.