Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 2 Of Our DIY Hong Kong Trip

Greeting you all a very happy morning.
Obviously, we started our day very early because we have a lot of places to go to including DISNEY LAND!
We are just so pumped!

 photo IMG_3538.jpg
Heading to
 photo IMG_3719.jpg
 photo IMG_3547.jpg
I didn't expect that our next destination would be far.
As you can tell by the people left in the train.
Though I enjoyed the scenery.
 photo IMG_3550.jpg  photo IMG_3561.jpg photo IMG_3567.jpg
 photo IMG_3572.jpg
Cable car ride going to Ngong Ping village.
We weren't that surprise about the number of visitors. There were only few cause it was a weekday and we were pretty much early so it was a hassle free ride.
 photo IMG_3575.jpg
On our ride going there we weren't able to make the most of the ride because we were paired up with  5 other strangers. Such a bummer but we made friends aha
The ride was INCREDIBLE the view of Hong Kong was amazing. This was a long ride though but worth it.
 photo IMG_3597.jpg
 photo IMG_3628.jpg  photo IMG_3609.jpg  photo IMG_3657.jpg  photo IMG_3656.jpg  photo IMG_3673.jpg  photo IMG_3621.jpg  photo IMG_3650.jpg
Snack Time REMINDER!
 photo IMG_3669.jpg
Luckily we brought cheese sandwich.
Even though we were carnivores.
 photo IMG_3668.jpg
Even though I'm a retired tea lover we just have to go in this tea house,
The SMELL was so amazing. It'll lure you in.
 photo IMG_3692.jpg photo IMG_3693.jpg
 photo IMG_3695.jpg
Heading back.
Luckily we have the whole crystal cabin all for ourselves.
So we did a lot of damage ahaha
Enjoy the view!
 photo IMG_3586.jpg  photo IMG_3595.jpg  photo IMG_3589.jpg  photo IMG_3587.jpg  photo IMG_3703.jpg  photo IMG_3713.jpg  photo IMG_3709.jpg
I was so glad we did this.
 photo IMG_3715.jpg
I'll have to cut this post cause the next destination has a lot of pix and that wont simply won't do if I'll add more to this post. It'll be an endless scrolling moment ahaha