Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Love For Disney Land!

Heading to Disney Land was easy peasy! You can basically live here with train alone a your means of transportation. This is one of the things that I find Hong Kong a very tourist friendly travel.
 photo IMG_3558.jpg
I have to say their Disney train will get you giddy!  I did haha!
Especially for first timers such ourselves we were really controlling hard not to show it.
But instead every angle of the train we try to take some pictures cause half of the people there are also doing the same thing ahaha which I was so RELIEVED! aha
   photo IMG_3725.jpg
These were only some of the pictures that we took.
Trust me there were LOTS of it.

 photo IMG_3734.jpg  photo IMG_3735.jpg  photo IMG_3738.jpg
So pretty......:)
 photo IMG_3740.jpg  photo IMG_3744.jpg
To get into character he even changed into his MICKEY shirt that I got him.
Even though it was FREEZING cold.
 photo IMG_3747.jpg  photo IMG_3750.jpg
 photo IMG_3752.jpg
Luckily again, There wasn't much people that day.
Which is a BONUS! Because I can't function well with crowds. We wont even ride anything we  come across long queues . You know what I mean.
 photo IMG_3756.jpg  photo IMG_3762.jpg  photo IMG_3766.jpg  photo IMG_3769.jpg
We haven't yet started anything and I was already looking for something to munch with.
And seriously their stalls were so magical looking haha!
I cant help but to buy something.
(HEY! that rhymes ahahah)
 photo IMG_3772.jpg
Our first ride.
I enjoyed this ahaha It was a "Shoot the aliens" kinda ride.
Of course Buzz Light Year was the main character in this ride.
It was sooo cool. Another thing that this amusement park is perfect for kids is that most rides that are in here are kid friendly. Which is good for us ahaha!
We are toddlers at heart!
 photo IMG_3775.jpg  photo IMG_3776.jpg
Cool souvenirs!
 But sadly we can't buy much.
 photo IMG_3779.jpg  photo IMG_3782.jpg  photo IMG_3786.jpg  photo IMG_3789.jpg  photo IMG_3791.jpg  photo IMG_3800.jpg  photo IMG_3828.jpg  photo IMG_3835.jpg  photo IMG_3838.jpg photo IMG_3849.jpg  photo IMG_3855.jpg  photo IMG_3860.jpg
He was the navigator. He keeps making sure that we ride as much as we can.
Which I totally agree!
 photo IMG_3867.jpg
 photo IMG_3869.jpg  photo IMG_3876.jpg photo IMG_3880.jpg photo IMG_3885.jpg photo IMG_3888.jpg
Another thing that I would suggest you do is to keep track of the shows going in Disney.
They are fun to watch and VERY entertaining. You will see these on the map, which shows they are and what time or whats available. 
 photo IMG_3889.jpg  photo IMG_3892.jpg
We end up buying a blanket for him and I was already forced to wear his sweater cause it was deadly cold already and night time is coming which is even WORST.
 photo IMG_3902.jpg photo IMG_3904.jpg
This is their cafeteria which was super whimsical. I was arguing with him to eat here but of course its more important to us to get moving cause we won't be able to make the most out of Disney land if we did.
 photo IMG_3905.jpg
Again my "navi" guy getting very serious cause its already night time and we were only half way.
Got to hustle now!
 photo IMG_3907.jpg
 photo IMG_3910.jpg
 photo IMG_3912.jpg
So amazing!
 photo IMG_3914.jpg  photo IMG_3915.jpg photo IMG_3918.jpg photo IMG_3920.jpg
Sadly, are camera failed us.
DEAD! hahaha
We ended up not riding all which will serve as a lesson to us and I guess a tip for you to give Disney Land a whole day alone to this if you really want to explore everything. Though at the end of the day we watched the fire works display which was AMAZING!
A great way to wrap up Disney. We were super happy.