Friday, December 31, 2010

Bath & Body Works!

Actually this wasn't mine, its my mom's and a friend of her's gave it to her for Christmas and luckily i saw it in her vanity. I grabbed it soon as i saw it was BBW! i've been crazy about BBW recently. She got this 2 items a lotion and a eau de toilette. I love saying that knowing its just perfume, not even sure if am pronouncing it correctly. aha

One thing that i liked about these is that they came from BBW's signature collection and one of my fave signature collection was the Japanese Cherry Blossom. The scent of these are like the closest to Japanese Cherry Blossom.  It's a sweet, pure, non complex cherry blossom scent. I do like Japanese Cherry Blossom so much better, as it is more of a musky, complex scent without being a heavy fragrance at all. So, I like this, but I like Japanese Cherry Blossom better.  Sorry i have to repeat myself ey? ahaha

 I was surprised I liked this! It's not a scent I would usually buy. It is a very fresh cherry and floral mix. though still not sure if it last long, i hope it would. Now, the packaging is not so good. When i first saw this especially the packaging so bland. but other than that i like the scent. 

Try it. I reccomend it, especially for those who like lighter florals or "spring scents" .