Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Polish!

I got this last November and saw it again. Got this from my mom when they went to bangkok so i guess your not familiar with the brand but my mom and i don't usually go for the brand but rather the color. I had a hard time applying the right shade that i really wanted cause this polish was super sheer! i had to apply like 5 coats just get the color i wanted. 

 I know its a very girly and kiddie shade for me to wear but this is my first pastel shade i got. i don't usually wear this type of polish if  i do i think il wear it more on summer for beach type of vacation. Im more on a neutral,darker shades kinda gal especially its new year and i think its not a match for this holiday. I usually wear for this season are dark hues but decided to break that habit and start to change some of my beliefs sometimes. right? So im going beyond my comfort zone! High Five!

Hope that was intresting.