Saturday, January 1, 2011

How I Start My 2011!

2010 was a great year for me and of course a sad one too. This is a year i said goodbye to my college best friends and my man. Started to be independent and serious in my life but this was also a year that changed so many things in me like I graduated from college, Passed my bored exams AND got a great job that was nearly what I wished for since i was still in high school and still have a happy heart. Im so thankful LORD for 2010 cause without this year of success you might not see me again. i guess. ahaha. Anyway moving on 2011!  aahh..still quite not believe its 2011 already, seems that cant let go 2010 ha? ahaha i really LOVE 2010 but praying and hoping 2011 would be even be greater than 2010. FINGERS CROSSED!   

Ok. Today is January 1,2011 Saturday, 11:25 am (Had a long night). Last Christmas my man gave me a gift.
Nicely wrapped and all. He even obviously lying to me that he was the one who wrapped it.

But my guess was right about his gift.
Yes a Belle De Jour Power Planner 2011.
I felt sad and happy after I saw this cause am saying goodbye to 2010 and not only that,was also saying goodbye to my OLD Belle De Jour which was my first BDJ Planner and he was the one too who bought it for me.AND Where most of my happy days during 2010 were recorded. BUT im happy cause saved alot of bucks from buying another planner. He knows how i loved BDJ planners.
Get it BDJ site or at Power Books, Fully booked for only P600. 

But before i show you how i fell inlove with this planner, A tribute to my old BDJ. 

Now facing my 2011. 
Its a good thing he picked the bookbind version cause the spring one, the one i had was not such a good idea for my type of person. I murdered it  :( not a good quality.

And its quite bulky than the new one. So i was glad he got the smaller one for me.

BDJ 2011
il show you SOME of the features that i liked.
cant show them all.
One thing that i liked about this planner are their quotes.
Truly inspires me.
Inside you'll get tons of coupons from various local store's.
They even have this 2011 goals but with my 2010 goals i dont remember anymore what i wrote. aha
Ofcourse the checklist. Checked already some. haha
AAhhhh.. The menstrual tracker which made me laugh at first cause its quite weird to put into a planner but none the less still helps though, cool idea. ahaha
Their cute cute coupons. In my 2010 i still had all my coupons. I really didn't use them cause i keep forgetting i had one ahaha
And every month they have this very helpful articles that you could read on.
So for this month, it really speaks to me. SAVING MONEY!
And this is how it looks like every month. 

Lifestyle Directory
Now this 2 tracker are my fave! you now how i spend my money.
Bill tracker
Cash Flow Tracker
Actually i still dont know how to use them but they have this instruction page at the front part where they can help you what to write and etc.
Random Thoughts
i like this.
And they have this a separate workbook which is a good thing to cause its so handy.
Inside there are Event tracker, Project planner, Contact list and my fave emergency business cards. I really LOVE this, it motivates me to write and plan cause of the features or the functionality that this planner offers me. Sadly cant upload pix from this BDJ Essentials. stopped me.:"(

Sad to say i have to stopped blogging for now cause my free 1gb promo from ran out so i have to purchased another storage to be able to upload pix and vids. Still studying how to get that memory. Hopefully i can blog again soon. I feel so bad not blogging:"c

But before i say goodbye il share to you a quote from BDJ
"What they say is true, when you want something, write it down and the world will conspire to grant it."
This is how i will start my year. Writing down my goals, plans, wishes and Ofcourse PRAY PRAY PRAY.

happy 2011 guys!!

BYE for now!