Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vanity as you can get!

 Greeting all a belated

Speaking of new year, how was your's? Well mine was okay, a bit different than my past new year.  but ofcourse exchange gifts were my fave part of the party and sharing to you this cool vanity ------ my cousin gave me. I LOVE IT! she got this i guess in singapore and sorry i dont know how much she got it. ITS A GIFT! aha
The first time i saw this was thinking of a makeup palette which i was soooooo excited to open. Packaging was so elegant! and girly which am not a fan of girly designed stuff but it was ok especially what was inside blew me away ahaha

 Seeing this, i was thinking already my grandchildrens. So vintage! andprincessy??:/
 i was so wrong!
 but i love it! very handy and unique. 
Especially if your a night out kinda girl. Cause sometimes when me and my girlfriends hangout at a club we always have to go to the bathroom like every 10 mins just to retouch or something. I dont know why but i guess its a girl thing. right? 
Can fit to any purse i guess but im so afraid to place it out of its box. I know its not a scratch proof item which i dont trust myself on that part. I might literally make it vintage anytime. 
well hope that was intresting! feel free to comment!