Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Dream Of A Primer!

This is my first Eyeshadow Primer in my make up collection. For those wondering what a primer is here's a small intro.
Primer is now being embraced by many women as an essential part of their cosmetic routine. A makeup primer prepares the "canvas" of the face for cosmetics.
Makeup primers are clear gels and lotions which makeup artists use to:
  1. Create an invisible barrier between your skin and your foundation.
  2. Create the illusion of smooth skin.
  3. Help your foundation to glide on smoothly.
  4. Make your foundation adhere and last longer.
  5. What's even more remarkable is that the newer ones contain light-reflecting properties.
  6. Primers can give your skin a gorgeous glow.
                          I know I know another ELF! ahaha
        I told you am a sucker for ELF Cosmetics. Especially this December i went crazy for ELF so watch out for that. MORE ELF's to come.
I ordered this last december and I'm using it since then all the time. I still cannot believe how well this works! I used it once under some eyeshadows that weren't very pigmented, and they really showed up with this underneath! 
The best part about this is that my eyeshadows last so well! After a long clubbing night I even slept with my make up on ( I know you are not supposed to do this but oh well sometimes it just happens ) and as I looked in the mirror as I woke up EVERYTHING was still in this stuff, you can do whatever you want it will not come off until you wash your face and use a makeup remover :)
I got mine in sheer and only downside is the packaging, it is very hard to get all of the product out. But if you cut it in half when you're "running low" you will find a TON of product in there and then you can just put it in a sample jar and be good for another month or two according to one of the reviews i read.
and of course the price also makey me happy, I'm not even tempted to buy Urbean decay Primer Portion or the Too faced shadow insurance, because seriously, how much better can they be, and they are really expensive too. I will definitily buy this great stuff again :)
PRICE: P 240
I got mine, again at Ebay very cheap and i know already the seller im her "suki" na ahaha


Hope that was intresting! BYE!!:)