Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AVON Beyond Color Triple Benefit Eyeshadow!

I didn't purchase these. It was actually in my mom's stash and i just took them and gave them a try.
cause i feel neglecting this brand. Not even wanting to go near it. I admit i have a mentality that Avon are mostly for old people cause i think the shades that they give are too not for my type same with the quality. That was BEFORE! 
I think AVON had already evolved and going with the trends now a days. I haven't visited their store here yet  but if i find a time i will. 
 These liquid eyeshadow caught my eyes because of their packaging. Very nice you wouldn't think it came from AVON aha Plus applied and tested their quality are very impressive. Pigmented eyeshadows LOVING the shades!
They dont have a "name" so i dont know what to call each.
Its kinda hard to blend cause it dries up pretty quick so you've gotta blend fast.
but there easy to clean up.
Sorry i dont know how much they cost cause i just found them. 
Anyway hope that was helpful.
Talk to you soon! 

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