Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ELF Studio Line Kabuki Face Brush!

ELF's Kabuki Face Brush

What's a Kabuki Brush?

  • Kabuki brushes are a must-have accessory for anyone's makeup kit. Whether you are a pro makeup artist, a fashionista or just someone who likes to experiment with new techniques, adding a kabuki brush to your makeup kit is a great idea.
  • A kabuki brush is a makeup brush with a short flat head and a short stem. The brush head is usually rounded or flat, with a curved edge.
  • Kabuki brushes are most commonly used to apply dry, powder-based makeup such as foundation or blush. Because of its size and shape, a kabuki brush is excellent for applying a concentrated amount of product in a strong blunt curve. These brushes are also excellent for creating all-over coverage with a natural look.
  • Kabuki brushes are very portable and easy to store, as they are quite small compared with other makeup brushes
man this brush is the softest thing i have ever touched,It's really soft and gentle on the skin.! the bristles are quite dense and the brush itself is pretty big, making it perfect for any powders products!
its perfect for my mineral make up and bronzers. overall a great product and i would buy again without hesitation.This is a great product for what it does. I haven't experienced any shedding after washing this brush which is always a plus. It's dense like the Powder Brush but it also has the movement that the Studio Complexion Brush has. I really like this for applying Finishing powder.

Dont worry, she's a trusted seller of mine.

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