Monday, January 24, 2011

NYX Glitter Liners!

These glitter liners were my first in my makeup collection. These weren't actually be in my collection but my seller gave me a the wrong glitter liners but even though i still got these for a cheap price so no biggy, right?

When it comes to pigmentation its great but applying it as a liner for the eyes these are quite irritating especially the gold one. It made me teared up while i was wearing it. I really didnt like the feeling of its glitters in my eyes. But the other shades were just fine. My fave from all of these is the silver. Great lively shade!
I know its seems that the blue in this pic didn't look like anything near blue but if you apply it and see it personally you would really see the blue shade that your looking for. 
The brush is great for linning eyes thin and picks up the product well from its small small bottle,just be careful of you might poking your eyes with glitters.
We dont want that to happen.

PRICE: P200 each

Thank you for reading!!:)

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