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NYX Round Lipstix!!

One of my fave Brands! NYX never fails me. So for those who haven't heard of NYX cosmetics
short intro!
NYX offers the best quality of cosmetics at attractive prices. Yes, that's right, you can splurge without guilt. This has made NYX the fastest growing cosmetic company in the United States. The ultramodern and stylish packaging fused with the huge selection of highly pigmented colors continues to catch the eyes of many hip and sophisticated makeup gurus and
has become a fave in their kits.
NYX was named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night just like many of their  fans including me! who rule the night life in this modern techno-savvy world. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from eye shadows to foundation and brushes to eye lashes and glitter to glosses. Everything a professional makeup artist needs for the job or a goddess needs to create her look for a night on the town.

One of their best sellers are their round lipsticks. They have a HUGE HUGE HUGE selections of colors that i went crazy with and controlled myself really hard from buying their lippies. So here are some of their lippies that i adored so much except one!
 Which is this

I didnt take a picture with this on cause this shade really disapointed me. it wasnt what expected cause of its sheer finish Which i wasn't a fan of. That is my opinion. Some might love this but for me its a waste of dough.
Moving on!
"Orange Soda"
I avoided buying this a long time because it looked SO orange in the tube. I finally got it.This is an extremely pale peachy orange matte lipstick. It's a pale but bright lipstick so it's good for a nude lip-it's concealer lips but with some color. I wear it with a pale pink gloss on top to cut the brightness a little. When I wear very dark eyeshadow it's great to give me soft, glowy lips. I would not recommend this to people who can not pull off such extremely pale lips though, and it's definitely a "young" style. So if you are looking for a nude (and I mean pale nude/concealer) orange/peach, try it!
"Strawberry Milk"
Strawberry Milk is a very pretty baby pink lipstick. Since it's so light, it might be difficult to wear for some people.
 Very wearable!
This lipstick is very creamy and easy to apply, and very pigmented.
The packaging is small and pocket friendly, and has a bit of silicone in the bottom coloured exactly like the lipstick, which is very convenient since you can tell it from your other NYX lipsticks if you have any!
I actually think this is LOVELY as a blush. Subtle, healthy, sweet, bright colour for your cheeks, sweep it across your apples of your cheeks one time, and blend it. (blends like a dream) Done!
It smells and tastes a little weird in the beginning, but this doesn't bother me.
This is an awesome deal and you should definatly give it a shot if you like light pink, creamy lipstick! I would definatly repurchase! 
I've fallen in love with this lipstick and it's one of my go-to colors now! Every time I wear it, people give me loads of compliments and ask where to get it. :) I'm pale, so on me this electric-fuchsia purple really stands out. It's creamy, opaque, and lasts especially long compared to some of the other round lipsticks. Awesome! The only issue I have with this lipstick is that it stains very slightly, which is why I removed a lippie, but makeup remover or exfoliation removes the stain easily. Will repurchase again and again.
Really pretty vivid, fuchsia lipstick with slight blue sheen. Very moisturizing and easy to apply. I would say the finish is an amplified cream.I was afraid the shimmer would make the brightness of the color over the top, but it actually looked sort of matte once I put it on and blotted it a little. Good color for summer. Its very similar to Fusion actually. But this shade is a bit darker than fusion if you seen it personally.
Another gorgeous red - this one is warm-toned, very bright (but not neon), a lighter shade, almost a coral. It has lots of tiny bright red sparkles, to boot. If you can pull off warm, bright red l/s (and most of us can), you'll love this. Round Lipsticks have full-on color, but are the first lipsticks I've used that don't dry out my lips at all. 
"Snow White"
This is a gorgeous red lipstick that can flatter a lot of different skin tones. One coat is all I need when I apply this because the color is so rich and deeply pigmented. After applying one coat, I lightly blot my lips with tissue so the red doesn't look quite as overwhelming or intimidating. The finished look is a very wearable, matte, gorgeous red stain-like effect on my lips. I don't know if I'd buy another one of these b/c I don't wear red lipsticks very often...but the shade is, no doubt, beautiful.My kind of red!
Pretty color! Pandora does not get enough credit for what it is: a beautiful, not-too-bright, not-too-dark purple, with blue, pink, and violet tones.The color is multitude of shades that change color subtlety. It is almost a metallic finish. I am bad at describing colors, so don't quote me. It goes well with a lot of looks, and I like to wear with a gloss.. Pandora is unusual and wearable at the same time, which is great! I am a sucker for purples, and this color is AMAZING! If you never cared for purples, try this one time in your life! I think every girl should have this.
I was about to take off a lippie because of the fact that I consider NYX's round lipstick formula annoying - too smooth, too spread-y, too thin for my taste, but it's not horrible. I have had a number of NYX lipsticks and I felt like they weren't thick enough for me. But the color and pigmentation definitely makes up for it.
So those are my NYX lippies praying i wont get tempted to buy more ahaha 
PRICE:  P170.00 each 
If you wanna buy and get a certain color i suggest pre ordering them cause most of sellers that selling them doesn't have all the shades available on hand. I ordered this from Vanitygirlshop.multiply.com by pre ordering them meaning i have to wait like 2 weeks to get them cause they'll gonna ship them here so that's why its a bit long but shade of your choice will be available. I habe known the seller way way back and dont worry she's safe and iv been friends with her ever since i seen her site. Friendly friendly seller give's discounts or free shipping if your items are worth P1000 and up so not bad. Very cheapest NYX selling shop thats why im a suki. ahaha

If you wanna see some more of the colors available Click here! and i also suggest watching 
Ginabinawina99 NYX Lipstick Review  to help you look at the shades well or get a better view of it but i have to warn you, you might get addicted to this lippies after seeing her review. PRAMIS! until now i dont wanna see it i always always get tempted. WARNING! 
Hope that was helpful. Thanks! 
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