Friday, February 11, 2011

Foundation Day: Rimmel Stay Matte + Skin Pure Complex!

For those who dont know Rimmel Cosmetics, They are a famous drugstore brand from London.
Inexpensive BUT great quality!
Rimmel now a days are making a great impression  

Rimmel Stay Matte + Skin Pure Complex
in Soft Beige
After reading the reviews, I decided to buy this because I'm a fan of dewy looking skin.
On to the product!
Now, if you have a normal to dry skin this Foundation is definitely for you.
People with oily skin BEWARE! You'll end up looking like a grease ball later on.
his is packaged in a nice, hygenic squeeze tube.I like the fact that it's not in a jar or something - the foundation will always be clean and free of bacteria before use.

The texture is super creamy and blends beautifully. Pretty smooth - it seems to apply similarly to a tinted moisturizer, with its consistency being more on the watery side than on the creamy or thick side. The consistency is fairly thin, but it applies smoothly..
Color selections are again limited.
Coverage is Dewy, eventhough it says matte
 I love this foundation - I have never tried a drugstore foundation that was this good. 
 I was quite surprised at the high quality of this foundation. Stays on all day, gives a light to medium coverage, Put this on with a stippling brush, it will definitely give you a flawless face. Love this! 

Hope that was helpful

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