Wednesday, February 9, 2011



THE MYTH: Drinking lots will prevent wrinkles.
THE TRUTH: "There is not one study that say's water will make the skin look better. Unless you severely dehydrated, you wont notice a difference in your skin by drinking more."

THE MYTH: Oxygen facials will make skin look younger.
THE TRUTH: "They're Hokey, and there is no proof they work. They're probably not harmful, but glycolic peels or microdermabrasion treatmenst are more effective."

THE MYTH: Using a rich moisturizer will stave off wrinkles.
THE TRUTH: "It might temporarily minimize the appearance of fine lines, but there is no evidence that a regular cream will prevent aging. You need one with an anti-aging ingredient."

THE MYTH:  Facial Exercises will keep the skin from sagging.
THE TRUTH: "Its the skin that's get saggy not the muscles. And you might even increase the lines in your face because you are making expressions that contributes to them."

Dermatologist Jeffrey S. Dover
- Kayleigh Donahue

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