Friday, April 29, 2011

Put A Ring On It!

Before saying anything, Im not getting married nor engaged haha
My mom was giving me a Ring. She was giving me two options. Which are these on the pictures.  Of course I
want both! Like hell! Diamonds are a Girls Best friend  right?! Plus they are gold! Iam been lovingand into  Golds these past few months But being a diva that i am, i wasn't tough to be a brat so i have to choose only one.

I like what iam wearing here cause this style it never fades or fall out of style the design is like epic. For me ok. And its 24 karats and have more Diamond stones than the other one.
While this, I find it a very Royal Family feel on it, Like do you get it? its so vintage looking. I feel its like an antique and Victorian kinda design and i can pass this ring to my next generation daughter type. Right? I like this too but this is an 18 karat ring and less diamond stones compared to the other ring.. 

Hmmmmm decisions.. decisions.. I hate deciding things that i love. I dont like things to be left out especially if both are into my likings.. ugh.. but seriously i cant decide right know. This is like it would take time for me to decide such. Ahaha told you DIVA! ahaha anyway any suggestions??