Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Fashion Guide

I'll be sharing with you one of my fave NylonTV specials that I love watching on YouTube and been subscribed since forever! Its Basically my guide to fashion. What's hot or not. Whats trendy now a days and some tips and backstage passes with Dani Stahl in the most famous parties, fashion show and etc. She'll even give you a tour to the most famous stores in the US.  She's my favorite factory girl. Which by the way has the luckiest job ever! Im so jealous of her.

Il be posting some of her vids, just to share with you guys what I have been watching and loving these days.
In this vidoe Dani Stahl heads to Macy's where she styles three looks at Bar lll. 

Oh, One more thing that i love NylonTV are the music that they play on their videos. I love'em! and its a good thing that they post the song tittles at the end. Great! Most of my Ipod songs are from NylonTV. 

Anyway hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!
Thank you for visiting!

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