Monday, May 23, 2011

NOW SHOWING: Limitless

So yesterday I got some new DVD's and most of them are new to me. One of it was Limitless starring the gorgeous hunk Bradley Cooper where he also stars in The Hangover and in this movie his with Robert De Niro.  Oh, by the way before I review this, a bit of preview this movie is not a preppy, girly type of movie cause I know you might be expecting a very girly movie but its not. aha
Dont worry i wont be telling all the good stuff! Try my best to make this spoiler free.
Eddie Morra (B. Cooper) is a failed writer, dumped by his successful girlfriend, dead broke. His basically a looser in this movie. Until he bumped his ex wife's brother. 
Now, his ex wife's brother seemed to be like a business man. Fancy suit and everything until he gave him the pill. They call this pill NZT.  
At first I thought that this was just another druggie movie, which turns out to be correct but in a sort of good way. This NZT, the pill i dont know what it means but its a pill that makes you even better person. Better in a way makes you focused and the opposite of Eddie Morra. Its like a Einstein Pill. It Improves the way you think 10x! Now that became Eddie's way up to success. He became Limitless.
His been drugging himself day after day after day, but everyday he became a very successful business man. The problem is his running low of NZT, the problem with this drug that Eddie didn't know was that suddenly you stopped taking it your body will shut down from all that energy that that pill is giving you. Everything has a limit now. 
I find this movie quite different from movies iv seen. I feel tired at the end because of his struggle to get a pill and making his way up.  But all in all its a great movie but i dont recommend it for the young ones ofcourse. And what fascinated me the most is that, I did my research ofcourse, I was thinking of getting myself some of that pill and found out that NZT does exist! Question is where. That's problem. Now NZT does what it does on the movie according to article i read saying 
"Others have reported significantly increased memory – both in capacity and speed of recall – within the first 24 hours of taking their first dose of NZT.  You will be able to digest vast amounts of information in a very short amount of time – a foreign language, for instance; you will be able to memorize not only a considerable amount of vocabulary but usage rules, idiomatics, phrases, sentences and situational expressions" -theclearpill 
For more info go to
It also states that not everyone can easily take the pill you must be fit. No heart, liver diseases and etc and there is a specific weight for a person to be able to get that effect from the pill. But its still not FDA approved so no testimonies where found about the pill but some research surveys only. Anyway its not like I'am promoting the pill it still does have its side effects. I'am intrigued with that pill its like something that's quite impossible to have. Well anyway whew! that was very interesting movie hope y'all watch it cause its really good. Here's the trailer for you to get some sneeks.:)

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