Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheap Thrills for Gorgeous Me: Jewels

Its been awhile since I have done my Cheap Thrills vlog and decided to do more. 
Bought some accessories for myself cause i've noticed have not been into accessories these past days. I have been wearing my pair of stud pearls and my watch. That's all it. And went buying some new earings and some rings to for only street cheap price:)

I love this piece. Its GOLD! I have been in love with gold they seem to soften your look and looks more feminine and pure sophistication plus GLAM. especially the perfect combination of stones put together. quite rare piece it was the last one in the rack so just immediately grabbing it without looking at the tag.

This piece was seen first by my mom. And she loved it. At first I didnt compared from the other jewelries in the rack but when we got home and took a look of it. It find it very unique looking that i guess no one has. So I started to love it and I had compliments whenever I wear this piece.
WHERE: 168 Maligaya

Another mom's fave ahaha Well my mom is a jeweler. If that's really a word aha She has been into jewelry business and whenever she finds a certain jewelry fake or real she know's what she's saying when she finds a beautiful piece and its another mom's pick definitely. I was a bit skeptical in buying this but I later realize how truly beautiful this is. The overlapping feathery effect with different stone's in each tips. beautiful blending.

WHERE: San Fernando Market. ahaha

Guess what! 
ANOTHER MOM's PICK! ahaha and this time I agreed with her. I learn fast huh?! 
Seriously very unique design. I love the pearl and diamonds combined and blend well. And its BIG! another show stopper piece. Very elegant plus unusual design.
That's the type of jewelries I love. Rare designs.

WHERE: SM Department store.

So that ends my Cheap Thrill Vlog. Hope y'all like it and helpful!
See you soon and thank's for visiting.

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