Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good Reads: Fallen by Lauren Kate


Another book review coming your way!
And this book I have read it long long time now, its just I remembered it again that I should do a review on it but am sure some of you have already read this so hope you agree with my opinion about this book.

This is one of Lauren Kate's novel entitled Fallen. 
I got this book last January and finished it in a week. To tell you the truth I was struggling with this book. I really wanna love this book cause of course I bought this with my own money! And it would be such a waste if it wasn't a good book. Sadly, This wasn't what I have expected. I had a love and hate relationship with this book. I really really wanna like this but I didn't. Sorry Lauren :/ 

While I was reading this I felt like walking into a fog. I didn't know what was really going on. A lot of unexplained scenes. This novel was a mess. At first I was really into finishing this fast but it was impossible to get in the mood cause it's trying to pull me off it. Its just pure bluff. The only reason why I bought this was because of the gorgeous dramatic cover. I love it! She was exquisite! but the content not worth! I should have listened or followed the advice of the people who reviewed this. PURE DISAPPOINTMENT! 

I wont mention the synopsis cause it'll be a waste of energy typing it. I just 
dont recommend it. Its a very light read. Thought some teens might like it but I have read great books than this. So it's a blah novel for me.

They have released second book of this. 
Again great cover!  Oh my! When I saw this in the rack I just stood there staring at the cover but never came to my mind to purchase it. NO NO! I've learned my lesson. haha
but seriously, I love the cover!

Hope that was helpful!

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