Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NOW SHOWING: Insidious

Instead of calling it Movie Night, Its more on a Fright night aha! well for movies I'am not that quite picky. I am flexible when it comes to movies except for one! Torture types of movies! Like Saw, Cannibals, etc... Its one thing that iam really and seriously avoiding. Iam pro life kinda person, anti violence is a no no. 

I know that this was already released and i just had time to watch it on DVD.
I wasn't really planning to watch this on cinema fact that I dont find it worth it to watch on High def.
Some of you might be wondering what does Insidious mean cause I myself was asking my mom, my brother and practically everyone in the room watching that movie with me what does it mean. Unfortunately they all dont know so I googled it today and it means  
"awaiting a chance to entrap : treacherous -Merriam Webster"

It's meaning does have a relation to what the movie was about. Its a good thing we didn't know so that we dont have any clue of what was going on in the movie.

I'll be sharing bits of what the movie is about and dont worry wont be spoiling alot.:)

Ok, basically as said to the crappy weird trailer the house that this family wasn't hunted its the boy. 
Its not another "Damen" kind of situation if you all have watched The Omen where the boy there was like possessed by a demon and acting weird. Well its really not close to that. 
The boy knows how to remove himself from his body. So basically his spirit flies and wonders off until one time because being a kid and adventurous landed himself in a place that wasn't suppose to be in and that I guess is like purgatory. Where alot of lost souls are in and because of that the boy cant come back to his own body cause he was trapped in that placed. He doesn't know how to go back. His body now is like a an empty vessel. 
In that "purgatory" there is this lost soul that hunts the boys body cause as said in this movie the longer the soul is away from the body the more chances that another lost soul can occupy the boy's body. Of course being a lost soul for hundreds of years and trapped from a place of darkness you wanna get out. A lot of lost souls  surrounds the boy's body for that chance.

For my opinion for this movie, I dont recommend watching this in cinema's if there is still is. There's not much need to see in high def if you know what i mean. But be my guest if you still want. Anyway Its not a bad movie nor a great one. Its a ok story for me. I find it thrilling and the story is abit complex. Its not just typical hunted movie. I enjoyed watching this especially the ending was a great one. I love ending that sort of me wanting me to know more what had happened to them and etc. Its just like your anticipating a part 2 so that was what had got me. I recommend it. abit scary but the story good.

Leaving you with a trailer, Hope you like it!
Thank you so much for visiting. BYE!

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