Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY Project: Dry Erase Board!

As you may not all know, I love decorating my room. And last year of October I just finished remodeling my room as my birthday gift to myself.  I'll show you some other time my renovated room but first for this post I'll be sharing to you a DIY project that I did that I found at
This project is for everyone. Especially if your a type of person that loves to read inspiring quotes that keeps you motivated in your day.Which I always do. As much as possible I try to write so may inspiring quotes every 3 days or whenever I'am in the mood to change. Just to keep me reminded of things and also to keep my spirit up in a very chic decorative look that will really make a change in your room or elsewhere but also in yourself.
So here it is, SHALL WE!?!
Here are all you need.
1. Frame
2. Construction paper or Art paper. (Choose a color that suits you)
3. Whiteboard board marker (Dry Erase Marker)
Choose a color you like.
I chose pink cause I'am following color theme of my room.
I know most picture frame automatically have a frame pattern that will center a picture. 
If not you can just make you own style of framing. But if you do, glue the colored paper you chose to that frame or you may not also if your planning to change the background of your board every once in a while.
After that you can now assemble everything at the back make sure it fit snuggly.
 This is pretty easy to clean up.
I suggest using a dry tissue paper in wiping.
REMEMBER! Use only a white board marker!
You can even be artistic and draw your own framing pattern:)
 There are plenty of uses that this simple project can do for you.
Like you can place this near your study and make it as your reminder board, things to do list,Or in the kitchen for your mom's or yourself for grocery list and etc..
 Hope that was helpful for you and again see you soon!

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