Sunday, February 5, 2012

Don't Believe The Hype!

 Maybelline New York 
Expert Wear Blush

Another fail makeup. I really don't like having this cause it's wasting my dough but come to think of it, I guess somehow its helps. Keeps you aware of what not to buy when your looking for makeup. 
Anyway let's start. Sorry Maybelline for this.
I had this way way back of last year. I found them at Ebay and they were selling them pretty cheap and you know me! I love cheap thrills haha so I bough 3 of them without again reading any reviews about these.
Here are they, Packaging seems to be innocent enough.Typical packaging.
(Left to Right)
Velvet Mocha, Dusty Rose and Plushed Plum
 Here they are up close.
 Mocha Velvet has shimmers into it. I guess this has to be more of a highlighting product than a blush.
 Dusty Rose, The color on this blush is not pigmented enough. It's a very light dusty pink color- true to its name, too chalky for me. It doesnt last very long. This blush is great for girls who dont want a whole lot of color on their face. haha
 Plushed Plum, same with dusty rose they are both chalky and not that pigmented.
Here they are swatched. you can really tell that they are super super light. I think this will do good for high lighting your face especially the velvet mocha than give you that blushing glow.
The brush is poor quality a bit rough which I know most brush that make up companies give with the blushed or shadow have poor quality. I wonder why is that.
As you already know my verdict about this product. Its a no go.
But I do understand that this product is OLD and they don't sell this anymore a lot of Maybelline products or blushes had improved a lot this days and I'am happy about that.
Still be careful in buying your makeup.
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